Ever Thought About Donating Just $1.00 to Breast Cancer?

$1.00 Donation for LivingPink.infoWhat is it worth to you to save a loved one’s life?

Well, if you’ve never thought about breast cancer and how it can affect you and those people you love around you, then it may just be a surprise to you one day…

…Just as it was to me when just after my father passed away from Rhabdomyosarcoma, 2 days later, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Ingrid Turner - Breast Cancer Survivor - LivingPink.infoWhat ensued was a very difficult, to say the LEAST, 5 years following her diagnosis.

It’s a blessing to have her with me today as a 6 year breast cancer survivor, but there are many at risk, including my mother, me, your sisters, wives, mothers, friends…

I know it can be extremely difficult in hard financial times to donate money to worthwhile causes. However, all I’m asking is that you donate $1.00 today.

If you and 99 other people, or more than that, donate just $1.00, that is typically just thrown into your car console, into the bottom of your purse, or on your counter top at home, never to be seen again, consider donating that $1.00 to a cause that means something…

* Your donations will help support breast cancer research, and patient outreach in Canada.

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